Entering A New World of Productivity

TApril 2023 CollabTalk TweetJamhe integration of AI technologies into the collaboration and communication tools that we use every day has the potential to change the way organizations look at and measure productivity. Rather than measuring productivity based on input and effort, these advances will help organizations to focus on outcomes, collaboration, personalization, and efficiency, which could lead to a more comprehensive and accurate measure of productivity.

In the next #CollabTalk TweetJam taking place on Wednesday, April 26th at 9am Pacific, the community will once again join forces and have a focused discussion on the topic of “Throwing Productivity for a Loop” and share our thoughts and experiences on tools like Microsoft Loop, with its advances collaborative and sharing capabilities, Microsoft Copilot, with its natural language ability to discover, synthesize, and surface information and insights based on public and private data. These new productivity capabilities are incredibly powerful – but they also require deeper internal review and understanding of the governance and security around AI to make sure that organizations understand how these technologies work, and whether systems and processes remain secure, compliant, and well-governed.

In this 1-hour Twitter-based panel discussion, we’ll bring together MVPs and Regional Directors, community experts, partners, consultants, and practitioners to share their perspectives on this important topic.

Anyone can join this community discussion using Twitter and the #CollabTalk hashtag or your favorite Twitter platform. You don’t even need to be an “expert” to participate in the online conversation. Anyone can ask questions, comment on the questions posed, or just “lurk” in the background. These online discussions are open to anyone — you do not have to be on the panel to participate.

CommsvNextThis month’s tweetjam is being sponsored by Comms vNext (event happening April 25+26 in Denver) and, as always, our friends at tyGraph. Thanks for your support!

If you have never participated in one of these tweetjams, it’s pretty simple: anyone can jump in and share their thoughts, or just lurk in the wings and absorb the wisdom of the crowd. Either way, it’ll be a TON of content to consume in a single hour. You can follow the live session using the Twitter UI of your choice (Twitter.com, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, whatever). How it works is that I’ll post a series of questions every few minutes, and people will respond to Q1, Q2, Q3 and so forth with A1, A2, A3, always including the #CollabTalk hashtag with their answers. Feel free to reply as often (or as little) as you’d like, ask your own follow-up questions, share relevant links, re-tweet others, and engage with the audience.

The questions we will discuss during the session include:

  1. How will Microsoft’s investments into OpenAI and ChatGPT change the way that your organization looks at individual productivity?
  2. Which roles do you think will be most impacted by AI-powered productivity improvements (positively and negatively), and why?
  3. Before implementing AI-powered productivity tools, how should organizations define their goals and determine what they hope to achieve?
  4. How does your organization track and measure individual and team productivity and efficiency today, and how will that evolve and change?
  5. With AI-powered analytics, how will (or should) organizations track collaboration user behavior and productivity trends?
  6. How will AI-powered collaboration tools like Microsoft Copilot help improve collaboration across the organization, enabling teams to work together more efficiently and effectively?
  7. How should organizations approach data privacy, security, and the appropriate use of AI-powered collaboration tools?

Of course, there will be many side questions, side conversations, and wise-cracking shenanigans. This is open to the public, so please join in the discussion! The dialog is always thought-provoking and fun.

Participating on this panel (so far):

  • William Honeycutt (@AndyHuneyCutt), Microsoft MVP, MCT, & MCP enterprise collaboration specialist
  • Kurt Kragh Sørensen (@KurtKragh), intranet consultant and owner of IntraTeam.com
  • Nicole Simon (@nicolesimon), business consultant for process optimization, automation and productivity
  • Kevin McDonnell (@kevmcdonk), M365 Apps & Services MVP and group manager, modern workplace at Avanade
  • Adam Ball (@AdamCBall), co-founder of COUCUG, Teams and Skype for Business MVP
  • Sharon Weaver (@sharoneweaver), Microsoft RD + M365 Apps & Services MVP, consultant, trainer and ceo of Smarter Consulting
  • Sue Hanley (@susanhanley), M365 Apps & Services MVP, portal, KM, and SharePoint consultant
  • Hal Hostetler (@TVWizard), M365 Apps & Services MVP and senior field engineer and social media coordinator for Roland, Schorr & Tower
  • Shari Oswald (@shortcutshari), co-founder and productivity evangelist at PowerUP! Learning
  • Ragnar Heil (@ragnarh), M365 Apps & Services MVP, Viva Explorer, global director of partners and alliances at Rencore
  • Stacy Deere (@sldeere), M365 Apps & Services MVP and owner of Focal Point Solutions
  • Phil Worrell (@worrelpa), ICT engineer and business analyst at Swisscom
  • D’arce Hess (@darcehess), M365 Apps & Services MVP, head of experience design – digital workplace at Takeda
  • Alistair Pugin (@alistairpugin), (dual) Azure and Office Apps & Services MVP and chief technology officer at NBConsult
  • John White (@diverdown1964), dual M365 Apps & Services and Data Platform MVP, cto at tyGraph, an AvePoint company
  • Wes Preston (@idubbs), M365 Apps & Services MVP, evangelist,  and owner at TrecStone
  • Mike Maadarani (@mikemaadarani), M365 Apps & Services MVP, cloud solution architect at MCM Consulting
  • Eric Overfield (@ericoverfield), Microsoft RD & SharePoint MVP, chief product officer of PixelMill, cloudspark, and Creospark
  • Jeff Willinger (@jwillie), Office 365 MVP and digital experience director at Withum
  • Derek Melber (@derekmelber), Security MVP, vp of product engagement and outreach at QOMPLX
  • Adnan Amin (@adnan_amin), M365 Apps & Services MVP, Microsoft technology consultant at Olive + Goose
  • Kevin Zollinger (@kevinzollinger), senior functional consultant at JourneyTEAM
  • Simon Denton (@buildbod), M365 Apps & Services MVP, visiting professor at Birmingham City University, and business architect at Mott MacDonald
  • Sascha Fredrich (@saschaF80), IT consultant of Microsoft solutions at bei Bechtle AG
  • Ben Stegink (@benstegink), M365 Apps & Services MVP, SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure consultant, owner of Intelligink, LLC
  • Eric Riz (@rizinsights), founder & principal consultant at eMark Consulting Ltd.
  • Eli Robillard (@erobillard), SharePoint MVP, musician, fly-fisher, collaboration technology guy
  • Treb Gatte (@marqueeinsights), Business Solutions MVP, international speaker/man of mystery at Marquee Insights
  • Robert Toro (@SharePointToro), managing director, global data & analytics and AI capability lead at Slalom
  • and your host, Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet), M365 Apps & Services MVP & RD, director of north american and asia-pacific partner management at Rencore, content strategy at TekkiGurus, and #CollabTalk founder

If you would like to be included on one of these panels, please drop me a line via emailLinkedIn, or Twitter. And thank you again to Comms vNext and, of course, to tyGraph for your support of these CollabTalk tweetjams! And finally, if you are interested in being a sponsor of a future tweetjam, please contact me.

We’ll be back on May 24th for the next CollabTalk TweetJam where we’ll be focusing on the very exciting announcements coming out of the M365 Conference in Las Vegas the first week of May. Our topic will be “The Future of SharePoint” so be sure to follow me (@buckleyplanet) for news and updates.

Christian Buckley

Christian is a Microsoft Regional Director and M365 Apps & Services MVP, and an award-winning product marketer and technology evangelist, based in Silicon Slopes (Lehi), Utah. He is the Director of North American Partner Management for leading ISV Rencore (https://rencore.com/), leads content strategy for TekkiGurus, and is an advisor for both revealit.TV and WellnessWits. He hosts the monthly #CollabTalk TweetJam, the weekly #CollabTalk Podcast, and the Microsoft 365 Ask-Me-Anything (#M365AMA) series.