Microsoft Community Office Hours, Episode 18

For the 18th episode of Microsoft Community Office Hours I was once again joined by Sean McDonough, MVP (@spmcdonough), Hal Hostetler, MVP (@TVWizard), Mike Nelson, MVP (@MikeNelsonIO), and Eric Riz, MVP (@rizinsights), with our AMA discussion shared via live stream in the Office 365 Community on Facebook (

If you like this format, be sure to join us every Monday at 8am (for EMEA) and 6pm (for APAC) following the ask-me-anything (AMA) format. The AMA allows us to connect with each other and also help anyone in the community with questions about Microsoft products and services. If you have questions about Microsoft products or services, please feel free to post them here, on the FB page, or send to me via Twitter or FB direct message.

In this episode, we covered the following topics:

  • NDI (Network Device Interface) will soon be available in Microsoft Teams [0:55]
  • Azure CDNs rolling out for content/videos for OneDrive, SharePoint, and Stream [5:56]
  • Shout out to DJ Crusty Cakes [9:30]
  • Unifying the file sharing experiences across Microsoft 365 [11:48]
  • Issue with adding a domain that has been connected to another tenant (and designated survivors) [15:28]
  • Leaving strange funeral instructions for your family [22:53]
  • Why doesn’t my newly purchased external microphone work with Teams? [24:21]
  • Greg Frick wants guidance / best practices for migrating content and information architecture from SharePoint to Teams (Eric will be talking about this in an August 12th EUM webinar) [26:58]
  • Auto-mapping network drives with AAD policies [35:53]
  • It’s hard to sell your org on Teams when it cannot handle SharePoint content types [42:19]
  • T-shirt time! #ShareQuilt stories. Is it #QuiltWorthy ? [47:36]
  • Another question about moving content from SharePoint to Teams (see Eric’s webinar) [56:03]
  • Hal shares his update on last week’s Outlook meltdown [57:00]
  • Old-timer TV shows and Route 66 [1:01:34]
  • How do I install two Outlooks on one PC? [1:04:25]
  • Can I save files from Outlook to Teams without 3rd party add-ins? Outlook-to-Teams sharing not yet available [1:09:52]
  • MVPs Peter Carson (EUM) and Marc Anderson (Sympraxis) talking about M365 Maturity Model, referring to Sadalit Van Buren’s SharePoint Maturity Model (SPMM), and Christian’s work with Melinda Morales on SP Governance Maturity Model (SPGMM) [1:15:30]
  • How do you change the OneDrive for Business regional settings? [1:22:28]
  • Another pitch for the upcoming (July 29th) EUM webinar on the M365 Maturity Model [1:33:41]
  • Can I move my client app and access database straight across to Microsoft Teams? [1:39:52]
  • Does Microsoft Teams replace the need for a formal company portal? (such as SharePoint) [1:42:46]
  • We pay our respects to the UC/telephony experts and vendors [1:45:30]
  • Christian wants to build the “Bumble-Ball of Death,” thoughts on Grant from Mythbusters passing away [1:50:00]
  • Is there the ability to turn OFF threaded discussions in Teams? [1:54:51]
  • Visiting Mt. Rushmore while avoiding Sturgis [2:02:07]

You can watch the entire recording here:


If you would like to join one of these sessions as a panelist or to ask questions, you can find us live streaming on Facebook at 8am and 6pm Pacific every Monday during this seemingly never-ending quarantine period.

Christian Buckley

Christian is a Microsoft Regional Director and M365 Apps & Services MVP, and an award-winning product marketer and technology evangelist, based in Silicon Slopes (Lehi), Utah. He is the Director of North American Partner Management for leading ISV Rencore (, leads content strategy for TekkiGurus, and is an advisor for both revealit.TV and WellnessWits. He hosts the monthly #CollabTalk TweetJam, the weekly #CollabTalk Podcast, and the Microsoft 365 Ask-Me-Anything (#M365AMA) series.

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