#MVPbuzzChat with Tom Morgan

Image result for tom morgan modalityFor Episode 45 of the #MVPbuzzChat series, I connected with another fellow Office Apps & Services MVP Tom Morgan (@tomorgan), a product innovation architect with Modality Systems in the UK, and someone that I frequently retweet and re-share when he blogs.

In this episode, Tom and I talk about the state of development on the Microsoft Teams platform, and the evolution of building integrations and productivity solutions within the Office 365 ecosystem.

If you would like to learn more about Tom or get in touch with him, you can find him on TwitterLinkedIn, on the Modality Systems blog at https://info.modalitysystems.com/blog, or on his personal blog at https://www.thoughtstuff.co.uk/


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Christian Buckley

Christian is the Microsoft GTM Director for AvePoint Inc., and a Microsoft Regional Director and Office Apps & Services MVP. He runs the monthly #CollabTalk TweetJam, the #CollabTalk Podcast, and leads the weekly Microsoft 365 Community Office Hours live stream every Monday morning at 8am Pacific. He is based in Lehi, Utah (Silicon Slopes).