10 Things You didn’t Know about Me

Following on the footsteps of Veronique Palmer and Seb Matthews, I thought I’d share a bit more about myself, as well:

  1. Second oldest of 10 kids
  2. Graduated high school and started college at 15
  3. Fronted an alt-rock band in the 90’s called My Cat Jeoffry
  4. Not a fan of any body of water I can’t see the bottom of (thanks to almost drowning as a kid, plus front-row seats to Jaws on opening weekend)
  5. I own an extensive 80’s new wave vinyl collection, but not a turntable
  6. I was accepted into a doctoral program in 2004 to focus the social informatics of collaboration technology, but due to delayed starts because of my consulting work, I lost my placement and then never re-applied
  7. Have been married for almost 23 years
  8. Wanted my daughter’s middle name to be ‘Duran.’ My wife said no.
  9. Massive fan of all-things Orson Scott Card
  10. Had 3 majors as an undergrad: spent 2.5 years in industrial design, switch to film direction for a year, then landed on marketing and business, later getting my MBA
  11. I’m a huge Spinal Tap fan

You see what I did there? I can’t go a day without referencing Spinal Tap, Fletch, or one of the Steve Oedekerk thumb movies at least once.

Christian Buckley

Christian is a Microsoft Regional Director and Office Servers and Services MVP, the Founder & CEO of CollabTalk LLC, an independent research and technical marketing services firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and CMO of revealit.io, a blockchain-based video technology company.