How do I make corrections to my Microsoft 365 subscription? #M365AMA

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“I signed up for a Microsoft 365 subscription for a months free trial. Used my personal email address “a*********”.. it all went through. When I went back into my email a couple of days after to cancel the subscription as it wasn’t needed, my billing and subscription section said here was nothing there. Since October 2022, Ive received countless emails to pay the invoice. When I try to access this account to take me to the payment page, it tells me i can’t use my personal email, but that’s the same email U used to signed up for it initially. Thought it was a hoax email at first but I do remember signing up for it, with the Account information. Can’t get through to Microsoft customer service, directs you to online support but it’s useless. I dont want to be racking up a massive bill if it is legit”

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  • First off, our shared opinion is that Microsoft MUST assign some REAL “”MS Support”” staff to the Microsoft Community site.
  • Having said that, CALL MICROSOFT SUPPORT!
  • M365 only allows for a “free trial” for M365 Family accounts, not individual ones. Individual accounts are “Free” forever if you want to use that version and not the paid one. We’re confused on what you actually signed up for. You can’t get away without involving MSFT Support in this one. However, when you sign up for an M365 account, it uses your personal email address, but also assigns a “control” account, which has the format of “”. You should have received an email from Microsoft after you signed up with your login information. You need to find those emails to determine what the 1) account ID is, 2) subscription ID (if supplied), and 3) control account name.

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