Can a Communication site support News Webparts for different teams? #M365AMA

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“I have created a SharePoint communication site for my org. I have a “home page” and a page for each team within the Org. The homepage has a News web part and I would like each team to have its own news web part, however, when I add the news web part to the individual team home pages, it pulls in the news from the homepage! is there any way to add page-specific new web part?”

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  • Individual news is limited to sites only. However, if each of those teams were converted to a group, they would have their own News that can then be posted and viewed separately and rolled up to the top.
  • TIP!Tuesday – Filtering SharePoint News []
  • They can use Audience Filtering on the webpart or filter by specific sites or keywords.
  • Is it better to set each team up with their own comm site than pull them together with nav and maybe hub?

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