How do you manage storage for SharePoint Online users? #M365AMA

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“It used to be that a tenant got one terabyte of storage for SharePoint and then it was a certain amount for every 10 GB per user I believe is this still the case? What do you tell clients to do who have more than a terabyte usually?”

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  • SharePoint Storage:
    1. Get rid of anything you don’t need. Be brutal. If you have to pay to keep it, is it required, is it worth it?
    2. Is SharePoint the right place to store it?
    a. Make sure users are using OneDrive. It doesn’t count against SharePoint quotas so leave all the research, screenshots, and personal dog photos there.
    b. Media is sometimes cheaper and better served on a media storage solution like Vimeo. Don’t get me wrong, MS is trying to get into that game, but it can’t hurt to look at prices and features for other options!
    c. Long term content artifacts (that do not require records retention) might be better on DVD (maybe in a file cabinet under some papers that will never be read… You know, in case the next person wants to read Karen’s notes?! <eyeroll>)
    d. For records retention (Stuff you have to keep, but will probably never look at again unless audited), consider a long term, lower-priced, archive storage option like Azure Archive Storage
    3. Do the math. IF you determine it’s all worth keeping and really need the space, it is now justified so just add it and pay for it. Most licenses allow for some pretty hefty growth.
  • SharePoint Limits []
  • Extra file storage and eligibility []
  • Azure Archive Storage []

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