Microsoft Community Office Hours, Episode 31

For the 31st episode of Microsoft Community Office Hours series, I was once again joined by Sean McDonough, MVP (@spmcdonough), Hal Hostetler, MVP (@TVWizard), Mike Nelson, MVP (@MikeNelsonIO), Microsoft’s Neil Hodgkinson (@Nellymo), Eric Riz, MVP (@rizinsights), and Liam Cleary, MVP (@helloitsliam) in a panel discussion shared via live stream in the Office 365 Community on Facebook, and simulcast on Twitter (Periscope), LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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In this episode, we covered the following topics:

  • Neil shares his new purchase — a dulcimer [1:24]
  • Mike mentions the recent Zoomtopia event, we discuss Zoom features versus Teams [3:35]
  • While discussing classroom/training needs for online meetings, Christian shares a mildly interesting anecdote from a VR demo he saw in Salt Lake City last year [6:11]
  • In Exchange Online, can you flag incoming emails for domains not appearing on a whitelist? [8:57]
  • Someone asks: Is Neil’s new dulcimer different than a hammer dulcimer? [11:50]
  • Is it possible to create a clickable link to a network share? [13:32]
  • Why is the single video web part not working in SharePoint? [19:43] #NotLiz
  • A brief discussion on the failings of human memory, and the rise of AI, Project Cortex, and SharePoint Syntex [22:21]
  • Is it possible to locate the creation date of an Outlook rule? [27:18]
  • Can you use a domain in Microsoft Teams without hosting the mailboxes in Microsoft 365? Also, Christian plays the start to ABBA’s song ‘Fernando’ [30:43]
  • Are there recommended webcams for use with Microsoft Teams? Why is the video quality so poor? (one option, and another) [34:38]
  • This week’s t-shirt parade [39:51]
  • Are there list item-level permissions in SharePoint Online? [42:45]
  • See the source imageWhat is the best tool to use for employee reviews? [47:47]
  • Liam starts messing around with the Spotlight feature in Teams [50:00]
  • When setting up Exchange classic hybrid, what needs to be allowed on my firewall? (Check out these IP ranges, Hybrid Configuration Wizard, Wizard options) [52:51]
  • What are the steps for creating a new Office 365 Admin Portal Account? (For MSPs, check out Azure Lighthouse) [55:49]
  • What is the best tool to use for task management? (Christian gets on his soapbox again) [58:01]
  • When I close a shared document in SharePoint, why does it show that I still have the document open? [1:12:44]
  • Why does my status in Teams show me as “away” when I am actively working on my computer? [1:15:46]
  • Is Microsoft Dynamics a free add on to Office 365? (Liam brings up a great point on licensing limitations) [1:19:13]
  • When searching in File Explorer, why are none of my Word docs appearing? [1:23:25]
  • While using spell check in PowerPoint, why does it keep reverting to a different language when I set it to English? [1:27:13]
  • Having trouble adding a new account to Teams using a shared phone number. It tells me the number is already being used by another account. [1:31:47]

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Christian Buckley

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