On the Road at WPC

On the road from Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, I am submitting a short burst post here from my iPad as I am about to head over to my next appointment. First and foremost, I wanted to see how the Typepad app worked, and figure out if it was going to be a suitable UI going forward. Probably not. Fairly limited. Maybe I'm just spoiled by Windows Live Writer on my laptop, but I'm finding this very limiting.

Anyhoo, I am nearing the half-way mark of my trip to Toronto, with SharePoint Saturday Toronto behind me, and almost 2 days of partner meetings, content, and extracurricular festivities over. Still have a packed schedule for the remainder of the week….although I hope to get over to the CN Tower agan on this trip, and possibly even walk on the outside. That's the goal, if there is time. More details on the event and my thoughts on some of Microsoft's announcements shortly.

Jul 10, 2012

Christian Buckley

Christian is a Microsoft Regional Director and Office Servers and Services MVP, the Founder & CEO of CollabTalk LLC, an independent research and technical marketing services firm based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and CMO of revealit.io, a blockchain-based video technology company.